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A strong, stable and reliable infrastructure is an essential requirement to deliver quality services that we are dedicated to. It not only boosts the moral of employees, but also illustrates to our clients how committed we are towards providing quality services. Taking infrastructure as an utmost priority, we have setup well-connected and secure onsite and offshore servicing units.

Inteq BPO is located in delivery centers in Begumpet, Jubilee Hills. The base location of our company is located in Hyderabad, which is also the center for product development and consulting.

All centers are connected with an integrated network line, both wireless and wired, so that enquiries, online meetings, and conferencing calls can be seamlessly communicated and directed to the specific site. For a BPO, connectivity is the main concern and we have managed it dexterously to meet our customers’ requirements and listen to them around the clock, around the globe.

The other details regarding our Infrastructure are:

1. Communication Infrastructure: CISCO Systems Inc.
2. Telephone Connectivity: CISCO Systems Inc, Nice Telecommunication, Aspect Dialler
3. Workstations and Application/Database Servers: DELL, HP, Sun Microsystems, IBM
4. Security Installations: CISCO Systems Inc, Websense, ISO 17799
5. Telecom Links: Diverse MPLS Links, Multiple Internet Links and Routers
6. Power (Backup): N+1 UPS and generator
7. DRP (Disaster Recovery Process): At Multiple sites (onsite and offshore), Constant check-up and backup scheduling. NAS storage for automated backups across the network.