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Inteq has domain expertise in many areas. Some of the verticals that Inteq has a stronghold are Healthcare, Insurance, Finance, Human Resources, Food & Beverage, and many more. The current BPO service domains that Inteq BPO Services Pvt. Limited deals with are Healthcare and Insurance. The other sectors have been streamlined and the organization is working towards building its expertise in these sectors.

Inteq BPO Services Pvt. Limited has initiated its BPO Services with the insurance domain as we have gained a deep understanding of this sector through our Software Development projects. The expertise is especially seen in functions such as claims processing, and accounts payable management. Inteq BPO Services Pvt. Limited has significant expertise in servicing and processing various services. We have demonstrated capability for setting up outsourcing solutions spanning the entire life cycle of an insurance policy. While the outsourcing industry is highly fragmented, we believe that we are recognized within the industry and among prospective clients as being among a small number of BPO companies that can offer depth of expertise in the BFSI sector.

Improving efficiency and accuracy of claims processing is critical for higher levels of customer satisfaction. Therefore accurate and smooth health claims processing is an important requirement for healthcare payers. In addition, payers need to focus on reducing fraud, reducing operational costs through streamlined operations, adopting the latest technology platforms and better Healthcare document management. Inteq’s offerings for the healthcare industry reflect our deep understanding of industry’s business needs.

Inteq BPO Services Pvt. Limited’s healthcare practice comprises over 60 professionals with over 100,000 claims per year and helps customers by reducing transaction times and administration costs while increasing end customer satisfaction. Inteq BPO Services Pvt. Limited also provides deep domain knowledge of medical billing and claims processing systems with cutting edge data entry, claims processing, adjudication and enrollment services to key healthcare payers across Canada.

Inteq BPO Services Pvt. Limited assures near 100% accuracy of data quality by implementing Six Sigma best practices for increased improvements in processes and reduced operational costs due to reworks. The organization also believes in using workforce and knowledge management principles that enable the organization to gain competitive advantage over their counterparts in the BPO Sector.

Why Inteq BPO Services Pvt. Limited?

Inteq BPO Services Pvt. Limited has deep domain knowledge that helps deliver industry relevant solutions. It has process excellence practice to continuously improve processes using Six Sigma methodology.  Our strategic partnerships enable us to provide best in class solutions that help clients stay competitive.

  • Over  7 years of experience in Healthcare BPO industry
  • 100 Employees, 2 Centres
  • $500,000 healthcare financial transactions per year
  • A wide base of portfolio in healthcare administrative and finance management services

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